Hatchery programs are absolutely vital for all species of salmon. Today 1 in 4 Chinook salmon is a hatchery fish. Think about that 1 in 4 Chinooks that is caught - be it sport, commercial, first nations or that returns to spawn - is a hatchery fish. Without these programs, the species would not survive.

Duncanby is very proud of our efforts to support hatchery programs. Rivers inlet last had its own hatchery over 20 years ago. We along with some other great partners, such as Rick Hansen Foundation, Pacific Salmon Foundation, The Northern Fund, LGL, Good Hope Cannery, DFO, Oweekeno Nation, and a growing list of friends, have been funding our research and the current egg takes.

We have been flying the eggs and sperm to the Snootli hatchery in Bella Coola and flying the babies back in the spring Snootli and the team there is made up of incredible people.But we simply can't handle all of the River systems that need help. The costs logistics and ability to do more are greatly restricted by weather and having to rely on planes.

Five years ago, a group of us led by Rick Hansen and Ted Walkus met to discuss ways to help the famous Wannock River and the Wannock Chinook.

These Wannock Chinook are very special fish. There are only 2 River Systems in the world that are consid- ered statistically significant for the production of salmon over 40 lbs. What that means is that if you catch a salmon over 40Ibs anywhere on the coast from Alaska to California there is a 90% chance it's from the Wannock or the Kitsumkalum river.

The dream was born that day to one day have our own hatchery in Rivers Inlet again. It gives us great pride to say that the dream is now a reality and construction of our hatchery will start this spring 2016.

Our program has already expanded to supporting other river systems with hatchery fish.The Chuckwalla Killbella rivers, which are in desperate decline, were added 2 years ago to our egg take program. We will be adding a Chum program next year and of great personal satisfaction to me the return of our

Johnston Creek Coho program that we lost 4 years ago due to lack of available hatchery space.

Our Hatchery is going to be built in the Oweekeno Nations village. It's going to not only protect our fish for generations to come but create some very valuable employment and education opportunities for the people of the Oweekeno nation.

It was our pleasure to be on this years Egg take along with Lucky Socks, Star Fish, Logie and the incredible team of Billie, Sandie, Marshall, Ted, Dwayne, Mandy and Dave, all living and working together in the Village and at the Chinook pool.

It was an incredibly moving experience for all of us and the thought that this year's babies will be the last that ever need to go on a plane ride made it even more special. This group of First Nations, DFO and Rec people working together cant and will not fail. The future is very bright for all of us.

Our Great friend Jamie Mantle of Soprema who again matched the Hatchery Ticket sales from the Convoy Trip. $5470.00 became $10,940.00. Thanks our friends. Your support of us and The Percy Walkus Salmom Enhancement facility is truly appreciated.