Rivers Inlet Duncanby is a sensational 28-mile (40k) stretch of ocean where mountains meet the sea landing to the Wannock and Kibella rivers at its head. There are inlets off the inlets, islands and bays full of life and some just filled with magnificent stillness and silence. Should you fill your fish box, want a break or just like to see and know the surroundings a bit better, we'd be pleased to put together a tour with your interests in mind. You could ride to the head of the Drainy inlet, a place some of the guides call Jurassic park, take a stroll on the dock and buy a T-shirt at Dawson's Landing, or travel up serene Moses inlet to the mouth of the untouched Clyak river.

Perhaps you'd like to see Johnston Bay and learn more about the fabulous hatchery Coho that are now returning, follow the abundant Humpback whales or maybe you'll be the first to find the falls in waterfall inlet - we're still looking! Fishing is what you come here for but the majestic surroundings will be part of the lure that brings you back. Our guides have come to know and love Rivers Inlet and will be happy to help you see more of it. We also have kayaks, canoes and a few eagles and the loons on the dock are pretty much 24/7.

It's one of the few places in the world where so much of what we see is 'just the way it always has been.'

At Duncanby Lodge, we're happy to share that with you!


Rivers Inlet is home to one of the most lucrative whale populations in the world. As summer begins, and the waters warm, hoards of Humpback whales begin their migration from the south towards Alaska in search of food. Along the way these glorious mammals will find spots where there is so much baitfish, they need travel no further. One of those spots is right off the Duncanby dock! In fact, on any given night, you can enjoy a gourmet meal as you watch the Humpbacks feed in our bay.

Killer Whales are another species of giant mammals that frequents the inlet. These beautiful creatures will ambush a shoreline with a well-calculated attack. What appears to be one or two at first will often turn out to be ten to twenty. As fast as they appear they disappear as they look for their next unfortunate unsuspecting prey. Look out for mom close to the pod of babies and dad with his gigantic bent fin.

Last but not least are the Minke whales. These whales can be tough to find, however with such bountiful feeding grounds, they too make their way to Rivers Inlet and are a real treat to see in person.


Rivers Inlet has one of the largest bear populations in North America. The reason for this is the luscious feeding grounds provided by bountiful pacific salmon returns. In addition, bears are always found at low tide snacking on mussels and other exposed marine animals.

At Duncanby, you can expect to see Black and Grizzly Bears. The best time to see these unbelievable creatures is in August when they are fattening up on salmon in the river before heading to their den for the long winter hibernation. With that being said, Grizzly and Black bears roam the shorelines all summer along and are often spotted from some of our favourite sport fishing grounds.

Bears are also seen swimming - yes swimming! - across the narrows within the inlet.


There are far too many bird species that control the airways of rivers inlet to mention them all. If you are a bird watching enthusiast, you'd better bring your species identification book.

The first mentionable species is the Bald Eagle, the national bird of the United States. There is almost never a time during the day when you cannot spot a bald eagle perched nobly upon a cedar branch. Flocks are seen regularly soaring in the misty air. Rivers inlet has a bountiful population of Golden Eagles as well. These elegant creatures have breathtaking wingspans that are needed to support their massive golden bodies. Golden eagles are the largest birds in the area. Golden eagles are generally more of an inland bird species, however, the population in River Inlet is just as bountiful as anywhere else in North America. Blue Herons are regularly sighted on the beach in front of our guest cabins. These noble birds are truly spectacular, especially from a close distance. Other mentionable species that nest outside your window at Duncanby are Blue Jays, Hummingbirds and the Canada Goose.


What better way to experience the outdoors than to cruise the Pacific Ocean shoreline from a canoe or kayak. Glide through the Goose Island Group just off the Duncanby dock, stopping at one of the many sandy beaches for an afternoon of solitude and tranquility. Or, silently float over a kelp bed and catch Mother Nature off guard. At Duncanby, you can also bring your jigging rod and fill the canoe with multitude of cod species, the way it was once done. Canoeing and Kayaking is just one of the many activities available for you once you have limited out on salmon and halibut.