Coronavirus (Covid-19) Duncanby Lodge Policy

Duncanby Lodge has taken all reasonable precautions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and to protect all Guests and Staff. In following the recommendations from our Provincial Health Authorities this Policy has been implemented to keep our Guests and Staff safe

Health Checks

  • Guest
    • A Health Declaration form will be completed and temperature taken at check-in prior to departing for Duncanby. 
  • Staff
    • Daily health check for all staff, including a temperature check.

Covid-19 Housekeeping Procedures

  • Guest Rooms
    • Furniture and fixtures including common areas and high touch surfaces will be sanitized daily. 
    • All garbage will be removed daily. 
    • Lysol spray, wipes, paper towel, hand sanitizer, and extra garbage bags are provided in each room. 
    • Linens and towels will be removed before new replacement is brought inside the room to avoid cross                contamination. 
  • Common Areas 
    Staff and guests are required to wear a mask in all public common areas. 
    • Protective barriers have been installed to separate staff and guests. 
    • Common seating areas have been spaced out to maintain physical distancing. 
    • Non-essential items such as decorative throw pillows have been removed. 
    • Common bathrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. 
    • Outside patio areas will be sanitized twice daily. 
    • Hot tub is closed. 
    • Shower rooms will be locked unless Eagles Nest is occupied by six (6) guests, in which case a key will be left in that room for access to the shower room. 

Covid-19 Restaurant Procedures

  • Dining Areas
    Washrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.
    • Buffets are temporarily closed. 
    • All unnecessary table top items have been removed from the dining tables. 
    • All high-touch and shared surfaces such as computers and telephones will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. 
    • All are encouraged to hand wash with soap and water whenever possible, however if not available, hand sanitizers are provided throughout the facility. 
    • Serving staff must keep a face mask on for their entire shift. Disposable masks cannot be reused for more than 24 hours, and cloth masks must be washed after one day of use. 
    • Servers will not reach over or across guests; food and drinks will be placed at the front of the table and guests will pass them around. 
  • Kitchen Areas – Cooks (Line and Prep), Servers and Bussers/ Dishwashers
    All staff must wash hands immediately upon entering the kitchen (after changing to your uniforms). 
    • Avoid touching your face, hair, and other parts of your body. Wash your hands immediately when you do. 
    • Do not leave personal items behind the bar. Personal items (bags, shoes, etc) and clothing (jackets, sweaters, etc) can be stored on hangers wrapped and labeled individually in plastic bag, and hung behind the door. 
    • There will be no eating and loitering behind the bar. Staff must maintain social distancing
    among themselves. 
    • All staff must use their own tools when possible and not share tools (ie: knives, spoons, etc for cooks, and pens, corkscrew, notepad, and serving trays for servers).  
    • Each station will have designated towels for sanitizing. 
    • Shared devices such as computers, telephones, microwaves, oven door, fridge handles, etc must be regularly disinfected. 
    • Staff must practice proper hygiene by showering and changing clothes after each shift. Under no circumstance are work clothes to be worn during personal time. 
  • FOH/ Servers and Bussers 
    • You must use a clean cloth/ rag for each table (no exceptions) after guests leave. 
    • Dirty cloths and clean cloths will be labeled separately, and cannot be beside each other. 
    • Two sets of trays are to be used – one for dirty dishes and one for clean dishes. 
    • Sanitizer buckets are for clean cloths only. You cannot double dip a dirty rag into a clean solution. 
    • Dispose soiled cloths in a plastic bag to be laundered at the end of each shift. 
    • All carts are marked and labeled to their purpose (ie: clean dishes, bussing station, food prep transport, storage, etc) 
    • Servers will not be spraying plates. Servers will place dirty dishes in a bussing cart located near the walkway entrance to kitchen. 
  • BOH/ Cooks and Dishwasher
    • When orders are received, employees must wear gloves before all external packaging is removed. All food must be washed prior to any preparation. Kitchen must be sanitized immediately after receiving orders.  
    • Bussing station is set up at the entrance to the kitchen from the dining room to avoid unnecessary entry into the kitchen by FOH staff. 
    • Only the dishwasher shall make contact with dirty dishes from guests -- this includes use of garburator, bussing cart, and hose to spray. 
    • The dishwasher must have clear communication with the expediter when spraying dirty dishes and vice versa, when food is being transported from the kitchen to the dining area. Spraying of dishes MUST stop when food is being transported from BOH to FOH. 
    • A complete scrub down, sweep and sanitizing of the kitchen before and after each shift from PM to AM crew and AM to PM crew is mandatory. 

Covid-19 Dock & Guide Procedures 

• The Fishing Guide will provide hand sanitizer or wipes for each guest before getting on and off the boat.
• Staff must practice proper hygiene by showering and changing clothes after each shift. Under no circumstance are work clothes to be worn during personal time.
• Guests and guides who cannot be protected by two meters of distance or a physical barrier must wear masks.
• Guides will keep a box of disposable masks in each boat.
• Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers are kept in all self-guided boats.
• Sharing food and drinks are not permitted on the boat. Extra water will be kept on the boats for guests with instructions to sanitize.
• Garbage bags are left on each boat for guests to put their recycling and garbage.
• Bags have to be sealed and left on the dock for pick up, or staff and guests can carry back to the shack to be disposed.
• All boats are to be sanitized every night, including rods and nets.
• A fresh rag must be used for every boat. To avoid bounce back from cleaning solutions, do not spray cleaning agents on hard surfaces; instead spray the rag before wipe down.
• Face shield must be worn for pressure washing.
• Personal cubbies to be used for dock staff in the storage room.
• Masks must be worn when processing fish.
• Pre-bagged ice will be provided for the guests.
• Ice scoops will stay in the fish shack and will only be used by crew members after sanitizing. 


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