Hello Friends Ocean Whaler calling with the new this week from the happiest place on the coast. As I reflect on season 17 and our decision to open this year Im so happy we did and incredibly proud of our team for making season 17 a reality for our guests and crew. As you all know Duncanby is a special place where memories are made and moments shared. It has and will always be that place but this year its just that more special. We have all been living in a world that none of us have anything to compare it with. Being here where the outside news isn’t in your face every minute has been incredible for all of us. It’s a lot of extra work keeping us all safe but it’s a small price to pay when I see and here the joy from everyone that is and has been here. For the first time in many years we are not sold out. If you would like to just escape the regular world for a few days come and join us.

Its been a great week Fishing has been good weather a bit of everything and the guests this week have been fantastic. Dg was scheduled to fly home on Saturday but stayed and few home on the Hummingbird on Sunday instead. If she hadn’t she would have missed one of the most incredible opening nights ever as The Robinson Family 10 kids from 6-13 years old brought a level of magic and pure joy as they played on the beach fished off the dock that reminded us of much similar times as kids ourselves. Lots of old friends joined us as well and sharing moments with them was special. Taylor congrats on the Tyee Release with Eagle and Lucky Socks 30 seconds from the Dock. Tonya and Malcolm we all love you and the spirit of the Tie Dye fits you both perfectly.

Next up was a very small but great group of old and new friends. Brad and Sean congrats on your Tyee Releases and for becoming part of our club and family. Sarah my long time friend you are special and have always been the Spirit of the Tie Dye just goes perfect with that smile and laugh. Jeremy and Linda your support of all things good is beautiful you never have to be asked to do the right thing you just do. I look forward to showing you the Hatchery next year. As mentioned the Dg was away this week Harry and I missed her so much.We are very excited that she is on her way back today along with our great friends and longest Duncanby Corporate supporters Team LORDCO. Laughs and moments with so many old friends will be in bucket loads this trip.

Well friends its changeover day and time for the Old Ocean Whaler to get back to work.

We wish you all joy and remind you to focus on the good in life and what you have control over. You always have control over how you treat others and represent your family and your self. Be Kind and Awesome to each other.

Ocean Whaler and Crew


Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight
Ted 31 lbs Wayne 41 lbs Dean 31 lbs Sid 31 lbs
Sam 31 lbs & 32 lbs Chad 35 lbs Mitch 33 lbs Darryl  32 lbs
Taylor 35 lbs Brad 30 lbs Sean 32 lbs Bobby 32 lbs


Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight