Hello friends of Duncanby
Ocean Whaler calling with the new and last this week of season 16 here at the place of Memories and Moments. The “Duncanby Difference” and “Spirit of the Tie Dye” is alive and thriving.
This week is always just that extra special so many wonderful moments shared and a time of reflection for all of us who truly Love this special place. Our season comes to an end. People always ask if we are happy about that and the answer is we wish it would never end but its only 277 more sleeps till opening day season 17 2020. For those that haven’t booked yet get on it now we are 85% sold out for next year and we have opened bookings for 2021.
First up was a great group of of old friends who brought a few new ones to the family. Fishing and the weather were incredible. The Dg flew back to the big smoke for this trip. Brother Mike his old Pal Pete and My friend of 39 Years Glenn flew in. The 4 of us spending time together here was very special. Apparently 15 year old Glennfiddich is far superior to the 12 as Pete and Glenn confirmed by the fire each night. Arron the spirit of the Tie Dye is you our great friend it was a pleasure meeting Bert. 5 more Tyee’s  released this trip.
Next up was the return of the Dg and our Kids and friends for the anniversary trip and celebration of the day the Dg and I got married here on the pier Aug 28 2009. The celebration was epic with the Dg leading the charge jumping off the pier at Midnight as she always has. The party went till the wee hours but team Duncanby rallied hard and made the 29th an awesome day. A new tradition was started this year. Kyle planned an incredible day taking us on a tour in the Chopper where we saw some incredible sights visited the Percy Walkus hatchery crews on the Chuckwalla delivering fried chicken. We than flew to the top of the mountains where we had lunch by a glacier lake and water fall. It was absolutely one of the most special days ever. Having all 4 of our kids here with there partners and Teena made our hearts sing with joy. They are all such good people. Thanks to our friends for joining us and sharing the love and laughs. To the guests who joined us for the celebration thanks for your understanding and joining in with us. Fishing was incredible with everyone that wanted to going home with limits. 2 more Tyee’s released bringing us to 98 of 103 this season having our last 2 caught and set free by our friends Don and Tim was fantastic 2 better friends we don’t know. That number would have been a dream only a few years ago but our program is working and truly making a difference. The Chuckwalla and Killbella egg takes started this week with Kyle on the team. The results are incredible and proof that our catch and release and hatchery program are making a difference. As of yesterday we have 97,000 eggs in the hatchery. So much Love and thanks to all who have supported us and been part of this success story that “just keeps getting better” which is how the Dg has made my life every day. Lil Sista you getting the spirit of the Tie Dye was magic. We love you so much.
Well everyone from the bottom of our hearts thanks for sharing the joy that is Duncanby. We wish you peace happiness and the spirit of the Tie Dye in your hearts and lives.
To our Duncanby crew thanks for being in our lives. Some of you wont be back as its time for other things in life but you will forever be part of Duncanby.
Ocean Whaler Dg and crew signing off for season 16 2019 from the happiest place on the Coast.


Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight
Nicole Released 33 lbs Johnny Released 31 lbs Julie Released 32 lbs Don Released 32 lbs
Mike Released 33 lbs Doug Released 2 x 30 lbs Ian Released 33 lbs Tony Released 30 lbs
Luke & Sarah Released 32 lbs Mike Released 30 lbs Jose Released 30 lbs Kalley Released 30 lbs
Ben Released 33 & 33 lbs Lindsay Released 35 lbs David Released 34 lbs Joe O Released 32 lbs
Muirsy Released 32 lbs Jeremey Released 39 lbs Kelly Released 30 lbs Ian Released 31lbs
Mike Released 31 lbs Duffy Released 38 lbs Michelle Released 30 lbs Pasquale Released 41 lbs
Benoit Released 32 & 30 lbs Russ Released 31 lbs Brett Released 32 lbs Scott Released 33 lbs
Chris Released 36 lbs Jeff Released 30 lbs Dave Released 30 lbs Elvis Released 34 lbs
Brother Mike Released 32 lbs Jay Released 30 lbs Ian Released 31 lbs Jeff Released 39 lbs
Kevin Released 30 lbs Linda Released 32 lbs Dustin Released 30 lbs Vicki Released 32 lbs
Ron Released 31 lbs Logie Released 32 lbs Blair Released 32 lbs Cole Released 45 lbs
Maridee Released 45 lbs Russ Released 33 lbs Colin Released 31 lbs Rookie Released 33 lbs
Randy Released 31 lbs Kenny Released 35 lbs Chris Released 30 lbs Rochelle Released 41 lbs
Karen Released 37 lbs Guy Released 33 lbs Ian Released 36 & 35 lbs Tookey Released 36 lbs
Brad Released 43 lbs Chad

Released 31 lbs

Ray Released 31lbs Igor Released 30 lbs
Deanna Released 34 lbs Ati Released 30 lbs Milan Released 35 lbs Dale Released 36 lbs
Tim Released 32 lbs Nathalie Released 41 lbs Tim Released 30 lbs Carol Released 33 lbs
Martin Released 30 lbs Andy Released 30 lbs Kendra Released 30 lbs John Released 40 lbs
Jason Released 30 lbs Axel Released 45 lbs Jim Released 38 lbs Steve Released 37 lbs
Travis Released 49 lbs Terry Released 32 lbs Chris Released 33 lbs Bruce Released 31 & 30 lbs
Don Released 30 lbs Aron Released 43 lbs Mini Me Released 33 lbs Tim Released 31 lbs
Mel Released 30 lbs Darren Released 41, 42 & 30 lbs Logie Released 33 lbs    


Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight
Mike 32 lbs Mike 33 lbs