Hello friends Ocean Whaler calling with the last this week of season 15. Im writing this from my office in Delta after our boat trip down yesterday.


Our last trip of the season was an incredibly special trip. DG the crew and I were joined by many friends and family. All 4 of our kids were there with us. The days fishing with Sydney Sam Chris an Lil Sista were some of our most special days ever at Duncanby. Evening happy hours at the cabin were a ton of fun. The Anniversary party on the 28th was Epic as always. I wont say what time the party shut down as there are those from Government that just don’t need to know. The 29th is always a very interesting day with Me doing the restaurant with Allison and Tracker running the dock at 4;30 am as the rest of the crew gets a 9 am start date on the 29th. Team Duncanby always pulls it off even though they are playing hurt on this day.

Fishing and weather were solid with everything in the mix sun fog and rain. 3 more Tyee’s released this trip Our great friend Dave Anderson with Marry Poppins released a 33. Sean with the Eagle a 35 and Our Cassidy and 5 of here crew mates together in a Keta with the seasons last Tyee a very special 33 pound girl set free. We ended up with 59 Tyee’s this season 53 of them being released.When you think how far we have come since we started our Tyee release program in 2008 with one Tyee being released. We are relevant and making a difference. Tom Cat JR you keeping your tough guy cowboy dad up till 1;30 talking about life and feelings made you the most special spirit of the Tie Dye guest of the season. You are a very special 11 year old. Kyle joined the Chuckwalla Kilbella egg take Team on the 30th taking Rambo with him on day one Elvis on day 2 and Logie on Sept 1st to finish off our most successful egg take on these 2 great rivers the Team started on Sept 25th and this year was the hirst time since we started this program in 2014 that we made our goal. In fact we passed it and there are 131,181 babies in the Percy Walkus hatchery now. Last year the crew finished on Sept 10th  at 56,000. This years highlights included a 40 lbs plus girl and the Team catching 11 Hatchery returns. Huge thanks to Bry, Chris, Marshall, Sandie, Dwayne,Our Good Hope family John, Ian, K’odi, Jason, PSF, PWH and others from the nation and our newest Supporter Helijet who donated the chopper and pilot this year. To think how hard the team has worked to help these 2 vital but struggling systems these last 5 years just makes my heart swell. I still tear up when I think about it. We are relevant and truly making a difference. This year just proves that if you have a great team with common goals and refuse to give up you can not fail. I have so much love and respect for all of you. I cant wait till we get the band back together on Oct 17th for the Wannock egg take. The last guests flew out on June 1st saying good bye to them was extra hard this year. Those Tears just kept on coming for DG the crew and I over the next few days.


Next up was the start of shut down which is always a very emotional time but this year more than ever. DG and I really were not ready for the season to end. The Cabin changed life there so much that next year we are arriving in early May and not leaving until the end of September. 20 of our 25 member Crew will be back with us next season a huge congratulations to this years crew for being the first crew ever in 15 seasons to start and end the season without anyone being flown out. A special Thanks to Spencer and Steph for there years of service you will both be missed. Its been a pleasure watching you grow into the lovely talented compassionate people you are. You will forever be part of Duncanby.I would also like to thank all of our guest guides who are a huge part of the Duncanby family as well as Nicole ,Terri,Chris and our Ocean Trailer Family for there incredible support from the big city. To our valued partners Seair, Shearwater Marine, Wilderness, GFS, Bridgeview Marine and all the others who help us deliver the impossible every day at Duncanby we thank you and couldn’t do it without you. This year was the first time in 15 seasons that I didn’t need to fly out for anything. It was magical. As I sit here reflecting on the season and all the incredible moments and where we are today from our very humble beginnings I am truly so grateful for being invited to Duncanby in 2003. Life is good friends. To all our Guests and crew from the last 15 years thanks so much.


Well friends its time for the Old Ocean Whaler to sign off for season 15 I will make the odd update as the moments come to me.  We are 94% booked for next season and 52% for 2020. Please get your trips booked soon. We don’t want to disappoint anyone.Thanks to all for there faith in us.


We wish you Joy and the Spirit of the Tie Dye always. Its only 276 sleeps till season 16 at the happiest place on the Coast.


Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight Name Weight
Alita Released 33 lbs Tookie Released 33 lbs Kevin Released 33 lbs Srdjan  Released 47 lbs
Dennis Released 31 lbs Matt Released 32 lbs Dave Released 37 lbs Bill Released 30 lbs
Carlos Released 33 lbs Jose Released 30 lbs Dan 31 lbs Dean Released 30 lbs
Bob 32 lbs Rade Released 30 lbs Gerald Released 35 & 33 lbs Jirah Released 32 lbs
Tee Released 30 lbs Terry Released 30 lbs Kelly 31 lbs Leigh Released 40 lbs
Robert Released 35 lbs Scott Released 31 & 33 lbs Guy Released 43 lbs Randy Released 32 lbs
Dave Released 31 lbs Mark 32 lbs Kevin Released 31 lbs Sean Released 32 lbs
Rhonda Released 31 lbs Sean Released 32 lbs Karen Released 30 lbs Jamie Released 34 lbs
Cass 31 lbs attempted release Nathalie Released 42 lbs Tim O Released 42 lbs Sammy Released 32 lbs
Ron Released 36 & 40 lbs Steeg Released 30 lbs Steeg 32 lbs attempted release Brain Released 35 lbs
Craig Released 31 lbs Karen Released 33 lbs Liam Released 39 lbs Lisa Released 38 lbs
Dave Released 38 lbs Anthony Released 34 lbs Rob Released 35 lbs Jim Released 31 lbs
Brydon & Cole Released 59 lbs Dave Coates Released 31 lbs David Released 33 lbs Sean Released 35 lbs
Cassidy Released 33 lbs