Wilderness Adventure

Whale Watching

As summer begins and the waters warm hoards of Humpbacks begin their migration from the south towards Alaska in search of food. Along the way these glorious mammals find spots where there is so much baitfish, they need travel no further. One of those spots is right off the Duncanby dock!

Killer Whales or Orcas are actually the largest member of the dolphin family and they frequent the Inlet. These beautiful creatures are very social and love to put on a show, you can’t help but miss a hit on the rod when they pass through the Inlet! What may appear to be one or two whales at first will often be a pod of 10 or 15. They are magical to see.

There is not an abundance of Minke Whales in the area but if you are lucky enough to see one you won’t forget it! Their average length is 43-52 feet! Humpback and Killer Whale’s reach a maximum of 26 feet, these incredible Minke’s are twice their size!

Bear Watching

Rivers Inlet is situated in the Great Bear Rainforest and has one of the largest bear populations in North America.

Black Bears are in an area of heavily vegetated mountains with easily accessible food. With the luscious feeding grounds of Pacific salmon, mussels and other exposed marine animals at low tide, bears are always around feeding. Black bears have incredible eyesight, hearing and their sense of smell is 7 times more sensitive than dogs!

At Duncanby, you can expect to see Black Bears and the occasional Grizzly Bear. The best time to see these unbelievable creatures is in August when they are fattening up on salmon in the river before the long winter. With that being said, Grizzly and Black bears roam the shorelines all summer long and are often spotted from some of our favorite fishing grounds.

Bird Watching

Hardly a day goes by when a Bald Eagle is not spotted perched in a tree at the Lodge or soaring above your boat. This amazing creature weighs 7 – 14lbs, has a wingspan of 6 – 8 ft and builds the largest nest of any North American bird, up to 13 feet deep and 8 feet wide, weighing up to 1 metric ton!

Golden Eagles are generally an inland bird but they are often seen in the Inlet. They nest in cliffs and high ranges and have a home range or territory span up to 200 km². They are slightly larger in weight than the Bald Eagle but are significantly faster, reaching speeds up to 320 km/h!

Blue Herons are regularly sighted on the beach at the Lodge, along with Blue Jays, Hummingbirds and the Canada Goose. There are too many species of birds in Rivers Inlet to mention them all. If you are a bird watching enthusiast bring your identification book!

Canoe & Kayak

Canoes and kayaks are available for you to enjoy a paddle along the shoreline or explore the Islands across from the Duncanby dock. The tranquility of being on the water surrounded by nature is indescribable. If the peace and quiet gets to be too much, jig for multiple species of cod and fill the canoe – just like it was once done!


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