“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that - then I realized I was somebody”. Lily Tomlin

Welcome to September - the final push is on!

Federal Government

Although Minister Wilkinson likely never read our lengthy letter in January detailing our view of disturbing shortcomings (to be charitable) in the Aquaculture Management Division (AMD) of his Department, we believe, from meetings held during the summer, that he finally sees what he and wild Pacific salmon are up against. At the very top of the list of the many challenges facing wild Pacific salmon we have to add the AMD itself. If you would like a copy of our January letter to the Minister just reply to this note and I will forward it........ download in pdf




"Huge thanks for making my 10th visit a roaring success.That we essentially booked the whole place only added to the already pervasive family feel. Having Brad & Billie, The McGoldrick family, Melissa and Kenny, and the Sandor Rethy Navy join us only added to that.Pablo did a fantastic job arranging for so many Duncanby newbies to come up--I think 15--and they all now know what "The Spirit of the Tie Dye"---"Experience the Duncanby Difference" and "The Happiest Place on the Coast" mean.The kitchen, housekeeping and service team make life at the lodge seamless and warm---they truly make us feel welcome and comfortable --a day in, and they feel like old friends. You have created and groomed a real culture there that each of them exemplifies. The meals are always first-class---the cabins very comfortable--and everything that is NOT fishing is just as important and well delivered. Great to see Moira back--(and Pete aka Mary Poppins as well).We never really stopped catching fish--a banner year for me. The guides----every one of them a true pro, made the art of catching, playing, and landing a salmon a real pleasure for those who have never done so......"
Mike Parr
"A 5 star rating is usually something that attests to the highest standards. Duncanby should be in the dictionary under the 5 star definition. If I can scrape some more shekels together, I WILL be back for a visit. You've made me a little more complete, and I thank you for that All the best to your family and crew.""
Fri Ecological Services
"A special Thank you to you and Leigh again for the hospitality and for everything you do for salmon and also how you inspire me. I am very grateful for our friendship and for your generosity I hope you both have a great summer and wish you all the success in the world.""

Tony Nootebos